February 18, 2024


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I’m often asked about the best time to take newborn photos. The short answer: whenever you are ready. After having two c-sections, I completely understand birth, exhaustion, and pain.

I do recommend 2 weeks or less if you’re up for it! Newborns change so fast so it’s great if we can capture some of that newborn squish. However, if you need more time, we can still get amazing photos 🙂

When I had my daughter, I felt really rough for a couple of months afterward. We didn’t take newborn photos with her and I regret it! I know you’ll be exhausted, trying to juggle newborn life, hoping to squeeze in a quick shower before I come over – but let me tell you – it will all be 100% worth it!

When I gave birth to my daughter (she is my firstborn), I ended up with an emergency c-section. For about 3 months, I felt like I had been run over by a dump truck. After being in labor for 19 hours, pushing for 3 and then ending up in a c-section, I was exhausted. Around the 2.5 month mark, I ended up taking a couple of photos on my camera with the timer. I love those photos – even though the composition is terrible and I had a lot of images that were out of focus. At that point though, she wasn’t a newborn anymore! I SO wish I had decided to take the plunge and go for newborn photos.

When my son was born 2 years later – I made it a top priority! Those are some of the most precious images to me. Even though I was exhausted and sporting dry shampoo, I LOVE those photos. They were 100% worth every ounce of effort.

When I come to your house to take newborn photos – I promise that I’m also super easy – no need to clean everything for me:) If we just have a small spot to work in, that’s good enough for me. I recommend your bed, the nursery or couch. Anywhere you have some windows and good light!

You’re a rockstar, mama. My goal is capture this sweet and fleeting season. I know how hard it is, but you’ll be so glad we did.


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