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I believe in popsicles and pink marker on the walls. In the little moments of life. In sticky hands trying to grab yours, skinned knees that need kisses and handfuls of flowers thrust into yours. I believe in the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. I believe in images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls for years to come. 

I began capturing images on film at the age of 23 when I discovered that film had a soul. The limited amount of images on a roll of film forced me to put my camera phone down and really observe the beauty in the world, and the people around me.

Whenever I pick up my camera, I strive to create beautiful and emotional images that tell a story and showcase the beauty of both the people in the images and the world around them. 

Even with it's ups and downs, your life, your story, are beautiful and I can't wait to create images to show that! Your life and your little loves deserve to be captured. 

wife // mama // photographer // coffee drinker // wine lover // taco enthusiast

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I moved around a lot as a kid - so I honestly don't know what I would consider "home" in the sense of city or state. But I know this: my family is my home. No matter where I live or go - they are my heart.

My love for photography has brought me everywhere from the beaches of Hawaii to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But regardless of where I travel, my love for my family and our life together will always be my home. 

Love, family and fun bring warmth to our home. 

fairfield, connecticut

the scott family

Jessica is an incredibly kind person as well as an extremely talented photographer and we would highly recommend her!



Nothing is nicer than a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But let's be honest, it doesn't stay hot very long. How many times can you reheat your cup before you give up and just drive through Starbucks?

fresh coffee



Nothing is better than crashing on the couch at the end of a long day, curling up with a good glass of red wine and watching a show. The Office, Parks + Rec, Schitt's Creek, Gilmore Girls and Downton Abbey are all favorites. 




I could have tacos for EVERY meal. Seriously. Breakfast tacos, tacos multiple times a day, a taco bar, you name it. I never tire of tacos or mexican food. Whenever I travel, I search for the best mexican places near me. 



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Hey mama. I see you. I see all that you're doing. The dishes, laundry, meals and not to mention the little kiddos you're trying to keep alive. I see you pulling out your phone for the 15th time today trying to capture that little grin or dance pose. But what about you? You deserve to be in the photo too, mama. You deserve to have those hugs, kisses and cuddles with your kiddos preserved for when they grew up and move out. 

Someday you will look back at the thousands of photos you have on your phone of your kiddos - but where are you? You will want to remember what it feels like to have those little arms to entwine around your neck. For those little lips to give you a kiss, for those little feet to sit on your lap. 

Get in the photo mama. I'm here to help. 


the heart


As a busy mom with two kids, there are a few things I've found to be essential. I want to share them with you in hopes they help you out too. You're doing a great job, mama!

5 things I can't live without as a busy mom of two


Ready to take that first hospital photo? Here are five tips to make your baby's debut photo swoon worthy.

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